Please donate to my Donors Choose project.

Guys-  this year my classroom has…nothing. Nothing to make it special. I am spread very thin financially right now and cannot afford to spend my own money on classroom decor and furnishings.   Over the past few years I have built up my classroom library and established reading workshop in my classroom, but I need some furniture.

All of my rugs and chairs have either broke or become disheveled.  Having a warm, comforting environment is so important for Reading Workshop.  Please consider donating to my Donors Choose project to help furnish my classroom to enhance the Reading Workshop experience.  

I know not everybody can contribute but if anyone can, I would be so incredibly grateful.  Five dollars would be an amazing donation— for real.  It is so hard to make reading a habit for 7th graders— but having a special, comfortable reading space in the classroom absolutely will help make it possible!

Make Reader’s Workshop Work! DonorsChoose Project