Anonymous asked:

This blog inspired me to be a teacher even with the struggles that come With it. I love that you post the good and the bad. Thank you

Wow! Thanks!  Good luck with everything.  The good and the bad. There is plenty of both.

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm considering going to grad school to get my masters in education. I was wondering what exactly you went to school for, what grade and subject you teach and how you like it or where you'd ultimately want to work! Sorry it's just a lot to think about thanks!

I went to school to be a writer.  Then I was like, um, what? no.

So I ended up majoring in Education with a concentration in literature. I’m going for my masters in Reading so that I can become a literacy specialist (maybe). Currently I teach 7th grade Reading.  I teach a population of low-income, ELL students.  Sometimes it is frustrating but I don’t think I’d want to teach a different population.  

I won’t lie— teaching is tough. Exhausting. But so rewarding if it’s the right job for you.