Anyone have an audiobook library in their classroom?

I want to start building one and incorporate a listening station in my classroom.  If you have one, please tell me about it: your class/students’ ages, students’ reading levels, how it’s worked for you, how you use it…anything you can think of.

Students, if you have experience in using a listening station in your educational career, or have any experience/opinions on using audiobooks for reading/language arts please respond as well.

I will post responses.

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    I would like to stay up on this, too! I know audio books REALLY can help some of my students who are not visual...
  2. seekelslearn said: Cont. from my answer…The kids grab an mP3 player and a book bag. She locks the volume and other controls so that all the students do is choose a book and match a number on the cover to the track on their player. Let me know if you have questions!
  3. seekelslearn answered: My coop. teacher uses SweetPea mP3 players. 2nd grade, levels I-? The books are geared towards the lower levels. She LOVES them.
  4. hiding-from-the-man answered: I incorporate audiobooks when I can in my classroom. I started because of my son. He hated to read prior; now he reads more w/o audiobooks.
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    I’m just a student teacher, but here are some things I’ve seen. My third grade classroom initially asked students to...
  7. roxannewright answered: I don’t have a lot of experience with this, but I think it is an excellent idea!
  8. adancingshadow answered: My English class listened to The Crucible via audio, but nothing else so far-my school won’t buy audiobooks my teacher did for us. <3
  9. quillelizabeth said: *voice. Being able to spell would help in me becoming an English teacher wouldn’t it?
  10. quillelizabeth answered: I’m studying to become an English teahcer and I find that AB’s take the reality out of reading - they take away a person’s inner voive!
  11. thelonestarteacher answered: I love my listening center! It was a donor’s choose project, and my students love it! I just have to be careful about how my kids treat it!
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