This actually just happened.

  • Me: Are you watching Titanic AGAIN!?!
  • Dad: Your mom told me it was on. What else am I supposed to do.
  • Me: *No answer*
  • Dad: You ever seen this movie? It's good.
  • Me: Have I ever seen Titanic? Yeah. Not nearly as many times as you have. Not even as many times as you've seen it this month!
  • Dad: *dissolves in giggles* It's a good movie!
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  2. tarajuku said: 1. I’m watching Titanic right now! It’s still awesome. Your dad knows what’s up. 2. Better or worse than that time your mom watched Grey Gardens a million times?
  3. twentythreevoices said: My dad LOVES Man On Fire, any Steven Seagal movie, The Shawshank Redemption, etc.
  4. hisnamewasbeanni said: He’s clearly just a sucker for a good epic.
  5. stuffonearth said: So cute!!!!!
  6. kazbotinwonderland said: This is me with V for Vendetta. In the end, my mum would just roll her eyes.
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  8. specialbunny said: your dad and my boyfriend could be best friends haha
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