Thanks for the responses about audiobooks.  I’ll post the responses in a little bit, just to see if I get any more.

My plan is to try to start one for use with my ELL students and struggling readers. @quillelizabeth pointed out that AB’s limit a reader’s voice which is I why want to use them for students who are still struggling with reading comprehension or are reluctant readers. I think I’m going to pilot a listening station in my ELL class and see how it goes.  I think I will probably set up a donorschoose project to try to fund it.  Audiobooks ain’t cheap, man.

Ooh! In the same vein: anyone have any good apps or sites that have an audio and or visual component to reading?  My co-teacher has a subscription to RAZ kids which I’m still fooling around with but my ELLs seem to be enjoying and using. Any other suggestions?

  1. cake-alicious said: This would be great for reading comp. I would be interested to know if learning styles would play a role. I’d love to see the results you get.
  2. yellhuntley reblogged this from teachingtoday and added: is an excellent site that might be something you can use for any of your students, not just ELLs....
  3. wonderfulslumber said: community.eflclassroom…. i found this site to be really helpful, but it’s kind of disorganized
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